Eligibility for Enrolment

1. No individual shall be enrolled as a member if he is not eligible to be registered as a registered valuer with the authority:

Provided that the Governing Board may provide additional eligibility requirements for enrolment:

Provided further that such additional requirements shall not discriminate on the grounds of religion, race, caste, gender, place of birth or professional affiliation.

Process of Enrolment as Member

2. (1) An individual may apply for enrolment as a member by submitting an application in such form, in such manner and with such fees as may be specified by the organisation.

(2) The Organisation shall examine the application in accordance with the applicable provisions of the rules, regulations and guidelines thereunder.

(3) On examination of the application, the Organisation shall give an opportunity to the applicant to remove the deficiencies, if any, in the application within 15 days of receipt of application.

(4) The Organisation may require an applicant to submit additional documents, information or clarification that it deems fit, within 10 days of receipt of such intimation.

(5) The Organisation may reject an application if the applicant does not satisfy the criteria for enrolment or does not remove the deficiencies or submit additional documents or information to its satisfaction, for reasons recorded in writing.

(6) The rejection of the application shall be communicated to the applicant stating the reasons for such rejection, within thirty days of the receipt of the application, excluding the time given for removing the deficiencies or presenting additional documents or clarification by the Organisation, as the case may be.

(7) The acceptance of the application shall be communicated to the applicant, along with a certificate of membership.

(8) An applicant aggrieved of a decision rejecting his application may appeal to the Membership Committee of the Organisation within 30 days from the receipt of such decision.

(10) The Membership Committee shall pass an order disposing of the appeal in the manner it deems expedient, within thirty days of the receipt of the appeal.

Membership Fee

3. The Organisation may require the members to pay Rs. 15000 as its annual membership fee.

Register of Members

4. (1) The Organisation shall maintain a register of its professional members, containing their-

(a) name;

(b) proof of identity;

(c) contact details;

(d) address;

(e) date of enrolment and membership number;

(f) date of registration with the authority and registration number;

(g) details of grievances pending against him with the Organisation;

(h) details of disciplinary proceedings pending against him with the Organisation; and

(i) details of orders passed against him by the authority or Disciplinary Committee of the Organisation.

(2) The records relating to a member shall be made available for inspection to-

(a) the authority,

(b) any other person who has obtained the consent of the member for such inspection.